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Bayshore High School Health Investigation

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Concerns have been brought to the attention of DOH-Manatee regarding the health of former students, faculty and staff of Bayshore High School from 1962 through today.

We understand and appreciate that the health and wellbeing of those who worked at and attended the facility is a very important matter.

Many environmental studies have been conducted by contractors working for the Manatee County School Board, Manatee County and other organizations, and the findings have not discovered any contaminants in the soil or groundwater which may have caused concern.

While we have no evidence that Bayshore High School is the source of any disease clusters, we also understand the strong concerns in the community.

At the request of the Manatee County Board of County Commissioners and the School Board, DOH-Manatee has been asked to conduct a health survey of those who worked at and attended the old Bayshore High School building.

If you or a member of your family attended that school between 1962 through today, and you have been diagnosed with cancer of any kind, we would ask that you participate by completing and either hand-delivering or mailing a completed Patient Listing Form.

DOH-Manatee will be collecting the information starting December 1, 2017, until March 30, 2018. Once collected, the data will be reviewed and statistical analysis conducted by cancer registry staff, epidemiologists, and statisticians of the Florida Department of Health's Florida Cancer Data System. There, they will be analyzed and a final report will be returned approximately six months after the conclusion of data collection.

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