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It's a New Day in Public Health.

The Florida Department of Health works to protect, promote & improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county, & community efforts.

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Tobacco Free Manatee

Tobacco Prevention Program

Quitting isn't easy.

With the right help, resources, and the support to keep you going,

you will have the best chance of quitting for good.

3 Free & Easy Ways to Quit

  1. Talk to a Quit Coach who can help you quit tobacco. 
  2. An online program to help you quit tobacco is a click away.
  3. Looking for face-to face help?  Find classes near you.

Tobacco Free Florida Logo

Tobacco Free Manatee (TFM) is a coalition working to create a healthier Manatee County. Members include health advocates, SWAT youth leaders, representatives from the private and public sectors, and concerned residents of Manatee County.  TFM works to reduce tobacco-related death, disease and disability through changes in systems and policies.

Our focus areas

1. Reduce the tobacco industry's youth marketing tactics.

Over 90% of tobacco users start before the age of 18. Tobacco companies know this and use marketing tactics like bright packaging and candy flavoring to attract youth to their products. TFM members work with elected leaders to restrict the sale of these candy-flavored products.

2. De-normalize tobacco use on school campuses.

TFM believes our schools must set a good health example for our youth. We are working with the Manatee County School District to develop a comprehensive tobacco-free policy that will .

In 2013, TFM assisted the Manatee County School District in establishing a comprehensive tobacco-free campus policy to decrease second-hand smoke exposure and de-normalize tobacco use.  This means that no tobacco use is permitted by anyone on or in Manatee County School Property. This policy sends a message to youth that tobacco use is not promoted by the School District.

3. Work with employers to help employees quit.

TFM works with employers to implement changes that support employees in quitting tobacco, reduce second-hand smoke exposure, and make the workplace a healthier, more productive place.  These changes vary by employer, but can include promoting free quit-smoking services provided by the state, changing insurance policies to include quit-smoking medicines and support, and creating tobacco-free campus policies.

4. Create smoke-free multi-unit housing opportunities.

In condos and apartments, approximately 80% of the air residents breathe can be shared between units. This means if your neighbor smokes, it is likely your apartment also smells of cigarette smoke. Not only is this a nuisance, it is also dangerous as second-hand smoke causes many illnesses, ranging from pneumonia to cancer.

TFM works with condo and apartment managers to create smoke-free policies. Not only do these policies help keep tenants healthier, they also reduce fire risk and save condo and apartment managers money on upkeep!